Black Pug User Guide

Blackpug logoBelow are a number of short YouTube presentations to help units and parents navigate in Black Pug. They Include the following:

  • Account Basics – Getting started and  setting up an account in Black Pug

    • Creating account

    • Editing profile

    • Changing password

    • Import and manage roster

    • View past registrations

  • Starting a Registration for an event

    • Finding information about event or training

    • Who to contact for questions

    • Attachments

    • Pricing of event, training,etc

  • Completing a Registration –

    • entering contact information and  participant information

    • Required information in red

    • Additional actions – Adding or deleting participants. etc

    • Pay schedule and completing check-out process

    • Council policies

  • Setting up a Personal Roster – 

    • Setting up personal roster (this is not the council roster)

    • Where to find your roster or council roster 

  • Managing a Personal Roster –

    • Importing a roster

    • Importing files 

    • Using roster to help register for events- autofill

  • Council Provided Roster

    • Difference between personal and council roster

    • What is View Acitvity and where to find it?

    • Advancement reports and other reports you may need.  

My Account Basics
How to Register for an Event
Setting Up a Personal Roster
Managing a Roster
Council Provided Roster